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Why Use Vicidial for Your Call Center?


Vicidial is an excellent choice for both small and large businesses to use for their call centers.  In this article we will examine the reasons why.

Vicidial has been around for many years.  It originally started out as a GUI for Asterisk to be used in call centers (hence occasional references to ASTGuiClient in docs and file nameses).  But because of its ease of use, reliability, and extremely low cost of operation it has become one of largest installed base of call center software.

Let’s take a brief look at why Vicidial is such a popular choice for call centers.

1. Vicidial is VERY inexpensive

From a management perspective, the software is FREE.  Those that want to delve into the finer points of the Open Source licensing Vicidial uses will understand that “Free” comes with many caveats (e.g. you can’t sell it, you must maintain original credit in the code if you modify it, etc etc etc), but from a business owner’s perspective, they don’t pay anything for the software.  Download it.  Install it.  Done.

Furthermore, since Vicidial is Linux-based software, the hardware that Vicidial requires to run is not only off-the-shelf PC hardware, but only has minimal specifications (see hardware specifications link here).   Rather than spending tens of thousands on a proprietary dialer or inbound call center system, a single server class machine could handle 50+ agents or more and cost less than $3000 (even less if refurbished equipment is used).

2. Vicidial is VERY reliable

As previously mentioned, Vicidial runs on Linux.  More specifically, it runs on Linux with a collection of supporting software packages, all well known, documented, and robust: Apache (webserver), MySQL (SQL Database), PHP (Programming Language), and Asterisk (Telephony Engine).  Working together, these pieces of software provide a system that is VERY reliable.  While the overall system reliability is heavily dependent on the hardware it is operating on, because redundant systems can be built to spread the dialing and call load over multiple redundant servers, the system can be made to be up to 99.999% reliable

3. No Proprietary Hardware or Software Components

No proprietary hardware or software is required at ALL to use Vicidial.  Everything from the hardware it runs on, to the agent computers, to the headsets are non-proprietary, and therefore, inexpensive.

4. The System Can Be Rapidly and Cheaply Scaled

Most proprietary call center systems require that you purchase additional licenses and possibly additional proprietary hardware modules to expand as your call center grows.  Vicidial requires only that you purchase additional, relatively cheap, standard servers to handle the growth in call and agent volume.

5. Easy Development and Integration

Because the architecture of Vicidial is completely Open Source and based on standards, it is extremely easy to integrate it with other software without learning complex API’s or additional development languages.

6. Multiple Contact Points between Customer and Agent

With the latest version of Vicidial, agent sessions are not limited to phone calls.  It is also possible to hand chat and email communications in the same distribution patterns as phone calls.  This would allow a staff of agents to handle all inbound communications more efficiently than a separate group of individuals not functioning as a “contact center”.

7. Constant New Feature Rollout and Updates

Because Vicidial is Open Source, there is a very large development community with a vested interest in maintaining it.  New features are always being tested and released.


Those are some of the largest reasons you should take a long look at Vicidial.  For more information on Vicidial, or how to get started with your implementation, contact us or email us at


Verterion Announces Vicidial Agent Performance Dashboards 

Verterion has developed a custom package that will allow call center managers to track individual daily performance INTEGRATED with various CRM software packages (both hosted on premise-based)

Vicidial Custom Dashboard

Sample Dashboard

Managers and agents can now see on a “wallboard” how their agents are doing on a daily and weekly basis with respect to ACTUAL sales performance, not just Vicidial disposition statuses.

If necessary the dashboard can even integrate with other operational functions such as live “floor bonuses” and commissions displays.

Contact us at for more information

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