VoIP Call Recording Notes

We’re asked all the time…”configure my phone system to record ALL my calls”.  Our very next question is “Are you sure you want to record ALL your calls?”.  Clients will typically answer “absolutely” but then not understand what the implications of that decision.

To begin with, exactly how many of these are calls are really necessary to keep?  In all reality, only a small portion are ever listened to.  They are typically kept for “training purposes” or more often for legal “documentation” purposes.  But, if someone is being recorded, there are laws in various states that typically state they must be notified that they are being recorded and for what purpose.  This can be a bit of a hassle to ensure this is taking place.

Not every type of call needs to be recorded either.  Calls between people within a company are never between a customer and employee, therefore it is rare that recording ALL conversations between employees is necessary.

Once you have decided which calls to record, you should then also decide how long to keep those calls you have recorded.  Some state and federal laws require that you keep recorded calls for a specific amount of time for compliance purposes.

Considering disk space limitations it’s not always practical to keep them on the PBX so if you have a high call volume you might want to consider setting up automatic call deletion or archiving. The best way to do this is to have a storage system (typically NAS or a large ftp server) that you can archive the older calls to so you can retrieve them if necessary but not necessarily keep them readily accessible through the PBX or call center software.

Everyone’s call recording requirements are unique, but before you choose to record ALL your calls…consider the factors we have discussed and make your call recording plan.  If you need help, please contact us at info@verterion.com.


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